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Sunrise Mediation offers a variety of conflict prevention and conflict management services, including: 


Differences of opinion arise on a regular basis, and most individuals usually can address these differences successfully and move on -- at least, most of the time.  Sometimes, though, the normal methods for resolving differences don't work.  When disagreements have escalated into disputes, mediation can give the involved parties a less adversarial alternative for crafting the solutions that will best fit their needs. 


A positive working atmosphere often can prevent disputes from arising in the first place, even when issues of great importance are at stake.  In fact, when individuals enjoy working together, they usually are far more productive.  When governmental entities, businesses, organizations or other groups hope to work together in a cooperative manner towards a common goal, using facilitation can help focus the group's efforts by creating a productive atmosphere and an efficient process.  

Training Workshops

Most professionals do not have the time to become experts in dispute resolution, yet still must deal with potentially difficult differences and disagreements.  For individuals who would like to learn some effective techniques for preventing and addressing conflict situations, Sunrise Mediation offers a variety of dispute resolution skills training workshops, covering basic skills to advanced techniques and approaches.    


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