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Professional Services Fees

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Rebecca Hiers

Professional Services Fees

The fee for Sunrise Mediation's mediation or facilitation professional services is $200 per hour, plus expenses.  For most mediations and for some facilitations, the parties will divide responsibility for the costs evenly among themselves.  When anticipated costs are likely to exceed $2,000, a minimum retainer of $2,000 may be required.   

When appropriate, Sunrise Mediation can develop a proposal that identifies specific deliverables, time-lines and associated costs. 

For private, in-house training workshops, the fee is $2,000 per day, plus expenses. 

Many organizations offer important services to their community and to the public.  Sunrise Mediation recognizes the valuable role that these organizations play, and (time permitting) offers reduced fees for mediation services, facilitation services, and training workshops on a case-by-case basis.  If your organization needs assistance, and if you would like to request an Application for Reduced Fees, please contact Sunrise Mediation.  

Rates are subject to change.  

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