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Rebecca Hiers

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Rebecca Hiers

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Rebecca Hiers opened Sunrise Mediation in 2002 to provide high quality dispute resolution services.  Building on both her scientific and legal experience, she has focused on incorporating into her practice the most updated approaches for preventing and resolving disputes.  She has led many continuing legal education presentations and workshops for dispute resolution professionals, and is the author of Navigating Mediation's Uncharted Waters, 57 Rutgers L. Rev. 531 (2005), which explores the contours of the emerging new mediation privilege.  Professionally, she has worn several hats.  Prior to law school, she worked as a scientist for an environmental consulting firm in New Jersey, focusing on hazardous materials issues.  After law school and prior to becoming a dispute resolution professional, she worked for an Indian Tribe for nine years, overseeing the successful collaborative resolution of a major water rights dispute.  She served on the Executive Committees of the Oregon State Bar's Alternative Dispute Resolution Section (2003-2008) and its Indian Law Section (1996-1999).  She received her J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law in 1990, and her A.B. in Chemistry from Princeton University in 1985.    

"I believe that it is the people who are involved in, and affected by a particular issue who know best what the solution should be.  My role, as a dispute resolution professional, is to help the affected individuals explore and discover the potential opportunities sometimes hidden within their situations."

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