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Note:  If your organization is interested in sponsoring any of these workshops for Continuing Legal Education credits, additional lead time may be needed to apply for credits.  If you have any questions, please contact Sunrise Mediation.

Mediation Skills for Judges and Attorneys

Judges and well-respected Attorneys frequently are asked to mediate disputes, especially within their areas of expertise.  Successful mediators, however, use techniques that are very different from the techniques commonly used in our adversarial processes.  Understanding mediation's often subtle approaches can be the difference between frustration and success for a mediator.  This workshop examines important elements that are included in most effective mediation processes, and explores techniques that can lead to far more satisfactory mediations.  Participants will have the opportunity to practice using these new approaches within the workshop setting. 

Mediation Confidentiality:  Which Communications are Protected -
and Which Are Not?

The field of mediation is evolving rapidly, and the laws that govern mediation are trying to keep pace.  Increasingly, more and more jurisdictions are recognizing that mediation communications are privileged, but there still are many gray areas in the law.  This training workshop explores the unique nature of this new legal privilege (such as who holds the privilege, and against whom).  It also explores procedural exceptions to the privilege (such as whether mediation communications are subject to discovery; when the privilege first attaches, and when it ceases to function; whether written tentative agreements can be construed as binding; etc.).  This workshop also looks at content-based exceptions to the privilege (such as for threats, misconduct during mediation, or admissions of prior criminal conduct).  

The Magical Dance of Apology and Forgiveness

The whole tone of a dispute can change when one person apologizes, and the other person forgives.  Yet true apology and true forgiveness often are purely spontaneous, and any attempt even to suggest to individuals that they should apologize or forgive likely will be met with strong resistance.  At the same time, though, individuals who are caught up in a dispute already may be working through important steps that ultimately could lead to a genuine apology or to a heartfelt expression of forgiveness.  By recognizing where the parties are on these pathways, a dispute resolution professional can better assist these individuals in finding closure.  This training workshop explores the steps that lead to apology; the steps that lead to forgiveness; and the magical dance that can transform the parties when their steps can be synchronized.  

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