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Teamwork-Building Workshops


What is Facilitation?

Building Cooperative Working Relationships (Internally)

Building Cooperative Working Relationships (Externally)

Teamwork-Building Workshops

What do winning teams have in common?

Winning teams usually are made up of individuals who have diverse talents, who play different roles within the team.  On a winning team, everybody recognizes and appreciates the different strengths of each member of their team.  Members of a winning team know how to work well together, and make an effort to help one another.  When individuals are at their best, and when they are helping their colleagues to be at their best as well, the group as a whole is much more likely to be successful.  Perhaps most important, when working relationships are positive, people enjoy working together, and often love the work that they do. 

Even the best teams need to work on maintaining and improving their teamwork skills.  This teamwork-building workshop can help enhance these working relationships in a fun atmosphere.  It can be a stand-alone workshop to help revitalize a group's positive working relationships.  It also can be an ideal way to begin a Retreat or a facilitated meeting where the group is about to begin working together towards a common goal, and wants to encourage enthusiasm.   

If your group is interested in holding a teamwork-building workshop, please feel free to contact Sunrise Mediation to discuss your specific needs. 

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