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What is Facilitation?


What is Facilitation?

Building Cooperative Working Relationships (Internally)

Building Cooperative Working Relationships (Externally)

Teamwork-Building Workshops

Facilitation is a process for helping people work together cooperatively and effectively.  It can be a powerful tool for building productive working relationships. 

Typically, this process is guided by a neutral Facilitator who helps focus the discussion and encourages constructive input from all participants.  The Facilitator also can prepare a report that summarizes the perspectives and ideas of the group, as well as any plans developed during the facilitation sessions. 

Facilitation can be used internally within an organization to help strengthen positive working relationships between people who work together.  As a planning tool, it also can help individuals to better coordinate their efforts. 

Facilitation also can be used externally to build constructive working relationships with other organizations.  It can be especially helpful in helping create good communication in technically complex or culturally diverse situations. 
Governmental entities, businesses, and organizations use facilitation for a wide variety of purposes.  It can be used for small groups or for large groups, and even can be used for hearings to obtain public comment.  The process is very flexible, and can be tailored to meet specific needs. 

Groups who use facilitation often find that including a teamwork-building workshop, usually at the beginning of the process, can help strengthen positive working relationships which, in turn, can make it much easier and much more pleasant to tackle the more difficult issues.   

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